Scarlett Knight

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The Honourable
Scarlett Knight
1st Vice President of Osteau
Assumed office
19 August 2022
PresidentViolet Knight
Prime MinisterVacant
Preceded byOffice Established
Deputy Leader of the Socialist Party
Assumed office
19 August 2022
Preceded byOffice Established
Personal details
Scarlett Avery Knight
Political partySocialist Party of Osteau
RelationsViolet Knight (Sister)

Scarlett Avery Knight is a micronational politician, stateswoman, first Vice President of Osteau and Founding Mother of the Republic of Osteau. Her vice presidency began on 19 August 2022 after being appointed to office by President Violet Knight.

Personal life

Scarlett was born to English parents. She was raised a Christian and practices the faith semi-regularly. Scarlett is also learning German as a second language.

Scarlett is interested in philosophy and aims to use micronationalism as a way to further her interests and to develop her understanding of the topic when combined with politics further.

Micronational Life

Scarlett was introduced to micronationalism by her sister Violet who proposed establishing a nation together. Scarlett agreed to help Violet with the nation and after the nation was established she was appointed Vice President as well as her party's deputy leader.

Titles, Styles, Honours and Arms


Since 19 August 2022 - The Honourable Vice President of Osteau


  • "They say 'don't work with your friends' but my sister, Vi, is my best friend and I'm her Vice President and we make a great team." - Scarlett on the Vice Presidency of Osteau, 2022

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