Salandarian-Tusean political unrest

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The Kingdom of Salanda's autonomous provinces of Tuse and Moonstone had long hoped to become an independent micronation. Which started off with protests against the Salandarian Government of the time, this happened in the 2020 Tuse riots and the 7 June 2021 unrest. The unrest ended as both sides comprised allowing the Republic of Tuse to gain independence and breakaway.


These events further decreased public opinion about Reuben I's handling of the Government and was one of the main reasons that triggered the 2021 Salandarian general election which put an end to the First Government of the Kingdom of Salanda's administration of the nation. Later under a new deal put forward by the Second Government of the Kingdom of Salanda a new compromise was reached that in exchange for economic support and development it would allow itself to become the Autonomous Community of Tuse. Then in September 2021 to further economic support it allows itself to become fully integrated back into the Kingdom of Salanda as Tuse Province on the 13 September 2021, with the new regional party the Tuse National Party which advocates for regionalism gaining one seat in the Parliament of Salanda.