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The Shireroth Standardized History Initiative Team is responsible for codifying the Fictional History of Shireroth. SSHIT was founded and is still run by Erik Mortis and Shyriath Bukolos.

Current Projects

The centerpiece of SSHIT's work is the massive compilation The Ages of Shireroth, which is intended to be built up into a multi-volume work over the course of SSHIT's labors. The Ages of Shireroth is essentially a distillation of the Fictional History, an overarching document meant to summarize events and provide a framework within which to create other fictional material. It is the meant to be the "official" work of history.

Being developed in concurrence with The Ages of Shireroth is the Timeline of Shirerithian History, based on the ASC calendar. This lists brief summaries of important fictional events by year, for both The Ages of Shireroth and other works, and is also "official" in the sense of being part of the framework for other works.

Tales From the Khaz Modan is a proposed series of stories by Shyriath Bukolos, only one of which has actually been produced, dealing with various events in the old Empire of Khaz Modan that preceded the formation of Shireroth.

Erik Mortis's work on the Hariolus War and Talru Sorto covers the pre-Khaz Modanian period, going right up to the edge of the prehistory of the Benacian continent. However, Shyriath stupidly failed to get a copy of the works before the EzBoard Attack, and keeps forgetting to contact him and ask him if he still has everything, so that SSHIT is unable to make the work public again at this time.

SSHIT Director Shyriath Bukolos also allowed the creation of a task force consisting of Bill Dusch to research the real-life history of Kildare, with the likely intent of fictionalizing it and incorporating it into the official history works.


SSHIT works to create a fictional history for Shireroth itself and its predecessor states, from prehistory until at least the end of the Second Era. It is unclear at this point if SSHIT will eventually extend its mandate into the Third Era, which represents the timespan in which Shireroth has actually existed; it has been suggested that real-life events could not be fictionalized in a manner that both makes sense and managed not to horribly offend someone. On the other hand, describing the pre-Shirerithian history of Kildare (which Shyriath has always intended to do) will almost necessitate Third Era work, unless Kildari fictional history is dramatically altered.

Although SSHIT focuses primarily on Shirerithian history, it is eager to make connections with the fictional histories of other micronations where this proves convenient and workable.