Rugtugian language

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Native toFiefdom of Timbain
Official status
Official language in
Fiefdom of Timbain Fiefdom of Timbain

The Rugtugian language (Weraedeedez) is a priory conlang spoken in the Timbain. It is one of the three official languages of Timbain, and despite seeing less use than English in the nation, it the "national language", enjoying similar status to Irish Gaelic in Ireland.


Rugtugian is written in its own variation of the Latin alphabet. Unlike the basic latin alphabet, it does not include the following letters: Cc, Mm, Qq, Tt and Vv, and includes the following digraphs and diacritic combinations: A'a', AEae, AAaa, EEee, IJij, OEoe, R'r', SZsz, UEue, Ẅẅ and DŽdž.

Letter: A A’ AE AA B D E EE F G H I IJ J K L N O OE P R R’ S SZ U UE W Z
IPA: a ɑː æ ɔ b/p d/t ɛ ɪ f g/k h i j k l n o œ p ɾ s ʃ u y v/f ɯ z d͡ʒ/t͡ʃ

The consonants Bb, Dd, Gg, Zz and Dž typically represent voiced consonant sounds, however become devoiced when they are next to a devoiced consonant in a consonant cluster.