Fiefdom of Timbain

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Fiefdom of Timbain
Wer'iberaher'nu weer' Wahẅweraer'wahiah

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Coat of Arms

Wer'iberaher'nuahiah jiweedew ahsahiah
Sahnud weer' ppilpilsijahiah Wer'iberaher'nuahwah
County Durham
Capital cityMungrilla (Ijinusijwer'ssahahiah)
Largest cityTetrahungart (Wedewwahajinusijahwẅahiah)
Official language(s)Rugtugian , Harkainian (Ukrainian Latin), Timbainian English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameTimbain
- FiefShady Hosam Morsi
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
Established10 August 2014
Area claimed3 km2
Population17 registered citizens
CurrencyFiefdom Shilling
National sportBear bating
National dishHorse meat
National drinkMoonshine
National animalPig

The Fiefdom of Timbain (Rugtugian:Wer'iberaher'nu weer' Wahẅweraer'wahiah), commonly referred to as simply Timbain (Wer'iberaher'nuahiah) was a British micronation which was founded by self-proclaimed "Wiglords" Shady Hosam Morsi and Timmy Aldente. Timbain enshrined Neo-feudalism as the official form of governance. The national language of Timbain was Rugtugian (a dialect of Neuvillish), however Timbainian English and Ukrainian were also legal languages, with Timbainian English being the most commonly spoken language in the nation. The capital of the nation is Mungrilla and the largest city is Tetrahungart, however the government is based in the Timbainian City of Frajikoka'pilji, which is the only part of Timbain's claims which the government maintains strong control over.

Timbain was legally a Fiefdom and enshrined Neo-Feudalism as its state ideology. The head of state of Timbain was the "Wiglord", who maintained absolute power over the nation, thus acting like an absolute monarch in practice.



Timbainian cuisine is largely based on meat, fish, offal and turnips. The national dish is horse meat, which is traditionally fried and seasoned with chilli powder, and then served with mashed turnips and roasted nettles. Another popular food is "Der'sdpil" which is fermented tripe served with sauce consisting of blended broccoli and sheep's cheese.