Ru of Copan

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Ru Chasonig
Council of Chason
King Útred of Copan
Predecessor Chief Redgil Chasonig II of Chason
Successor Vacant
Province (Administrative division) Chasonlond ()
King Deshaki of Copan
Personal information
Born Late 4th Era
Chasz Village, Chasonlond
Citizenship Copanic
Nationality Copanic
Ethnicity Etrican
Spouse(s) Chieftess Viich
Children Redgil III of Copan
Residence Chasz Longhouse
Occupation Retired (Pollitician)
Religion Copanic Pagan
Nickname(s) Ru the Left


Ru was born to the previous chief, Redgil II and Viiszt Reglo during the end of the 4th era. Ru spent most of his early days helping the people of the village as was his obligation as future Chief.

Ru inherrited chiefdom at age 16 when his father died from general old age at the age of 82. Ru was the first representative in the national council.

Modern life

Ru retired from his normal chiefly duties around the middle of the 6th era due to health complications, handing the reigns down to his son.