Royal Woodlandian Anthem

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The Woodlandia Salute
Anthem ofPrincipality of Woodlandia
LyricsHRH Prince Shawn of the Principality of Woodlandia
MusicNot Written
Adopted14 March 2019

The Woodlandia Salute (French: Le Salut Woodlandia) is the official national anthem of the Principality of Woodlandia.


The Woodlandia National Anthem was written by the Sovereign, HRH Prince Shawn of the Principality of Woodlandia on March 14, 2019. He named it "The Woodlandia Salute".


The Prince established set lyrics for "The Woodlandia Salute" in Woodlandia's official language in English, and it's unofficial language in French. The lyrics are as follows:

The Woodlandia Salute (English Version©)

We salute you Woodlandia,

For freedom from Canada.

We claimed you from Her Majesty,

We named you after all the trees.

We salute you Woodlandia,

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, yeah!

Our nation matters not in size,

A piece of northern paradise.

We salute you Woodlandia...

Woodlandia! Woodlandia! Woodlandia!

Le Salut Woodlandia (French Version©)

Nous vous saluons Woodlandia,

Pour la liberté du Canada.

Nous vous avons réclamé de Sa Majesté,

Nous vous avons nommé après tous les arbres.

Nous vous saluons Woodlandia,

Liberté, Liberté, Liberté, oui!

Notre nation ne compte pas en taille,

Un morceau de paradis nordique.

Nous vous saluons Woodlandia,

Woodlandia! Woodlandia! Woodlandia!

Laws & Etiquette

The National Anthem Act specifies the lyrics and melody of "The Woodlandia Salute", and outlines the laws of use, placing both of them under copyright, and not in the public domain, though allowing the anthem to be freely reproduced or used as a base for derived works, including musical arrangements. There are no regulations governing the performance of "The Woodlandia Salute", leaving citizens to exercise their best judgment. When performed at an event, traditional etiquette is to either start or end the ceremonies with the anthem, including situations when other anthems are played, and for the audience to stand during the performance. Civilian men usually remove their hats, while women and children are not required to do so. Military men and women in uniform traditionally keep their hats on and offer the military salute during the performance of the anthem, with the salute offered in the direction of the National Flag if one is present, and if not present it is offered standing at attention.