Royal Rifles Regiment of Wellmoore

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Royal Rifles Regiment
Regimento Real de Rifles
Founded16th of March 2020
CountryWellmoore's Flag.jpg Kingdom of Wellmoore
AllegianceLuke of Wellmoore
BranchWellmoorean Army Ensign.jpg Wellmoorean Army
RoleLight & Armoured Infantry
Nickname(s)Royal Rifles
Anniversaries16 March 2020
Battle HonoursThe Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis
Commander-in-ChiefLuke of Wellmoore
Commanding OfficerNone Appointed
Regimental Sergeant MajorNone Appointed
Tactical Recognition FlashShouldee patchintelled.png
Cap Badge of the Royal Rifles RegimentRoyal Rifles of Wellmoore Cap Badge.png

The Royal Rifles Regiment is a light and armoured infantry regiment of The Wellmoorean Army.


The Royal Rifles where founded on the 16th of March 2020 with the foundation of the Armed Forces of Wellmoore as the primary light and armoured infantry regiment of the Wellmoorean Army.

Regimental Bands

Those who wish to join the Army as a musician may join one of the bands of the Royal Rifles, with the main band being the Band and Bugles of of The Royal Rifles.

Band and Bugles

The Band and Bugles of the Royal Rifles is the oldest and primary band in the regiment based in the Royal Rifles.

Battle Honours

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