Royal Queensland Navy

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Royal Queensland Navy
Logo of the Royal Queensland Navy
Founded3 January 2015 - 18 January 2023
CountryQueensland Queensland
RoleNaval warfare
Part of Queenslandian Armed Forces
Last Lord High Admiral The Duke of Sembilan
Last First Sea Lord Rear Admiral Antony Cunningham
Last Second Sea LordRear Admiral Henry Beauclerk
Flag of the Royal Queensland Navy
National Banner of the Queenslandian Army

The Royal Queensland Navy is established on 3 January 2015 in accordance with the will of Sir Albert Philip to serve as a naval to protect the country when disaster strikes and to protect the sovereignty of the nation, helps to protect the waters and seas of Queensland and protecting sovereignty in all Queensland Sea.


Royal Queensland Navy Was born in 2015 on the will of King George I, where the division was set up with the Army. To protect our land sovereignty and defend invasion without us having started. And has the duty to protect the King and members of the royal family The Army has 3 sub-units and each performs their duties as assigned.

List of Royal Queensland Navy ships


  • HMS King Albert V
  • HMS Queen Victoria II
  • HMS Queen Margrethe II
  • HMS Duke of Strathearn and George
  • HMS Queen Beatrix
  • HMS King Birendra


  • HMS Princess Mary
  • HMS Queen Juliana