Royal Military Academy Duckborough

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The Royal Military Academy Duckborough (RMA Duckborough) is a military academy in the Kingdom of Wellmoore and is the primary academy for the training and commissioning of Wellmoorean Army Officers. All Wellmoorean Army Officers go through a training course at the Academy before being allowed to commission as an officer.

Royal Military Academy Duckborough
Real Academia Militar Duckborough
Founded22 January 2022
CountryWellmoore's Flag.jpg Kingdom of Wellmoore
AllegianceLuke of Wellmoore
BranchWellmoorean Army Ensign.jpg Wellmoorean Army
RoleArmy Officer Training
SizeSeven Companies
Garrison/HQDuckborough, Oxhall
Nickname(s)RMA Duckborough
MarchBritish Grenadiers (Quick)
Anniversaries22 January
CommandantNone Appointed
Academy Sergeant MajorNone Appointed


To enrol as an Officer Cadet, applicants have to meet certain requirements and pass a Selection Board or be appointed a cadet by the Monarch of Wellmoore.


Instructors at the academy are typically Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and some Officers selected from across the Wellmoorean Army. Instructors are required to be demanding to ensure that Officer Cadets become well disciplined and can get the best training accessible.


Currently the only course offered by the Academy is the Regular Commissioning Course which is for officers commissioning directly into the Wellmoorean Army though reserve officers may also pass through the academy on this course.


The Academy is led by a Commandant, a commissioned officer ranking at Brigadier or above, and an Academy Sergeant Major, an enlisted soldier typically ranking at Warrant Officer Class I (Regimental Sergeant Major).


Each Commissioning Course has awards granted to outstanding cadets awarded at the passing-out parade.

Sword of Honour

The Sword of Honour is awarded to the Wellmoorean Army Officer Cadet considered by the Cadre to be, overall, the best cadet on their commissioning course.

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