Royal House Order of the Rue Crown of South Carolina

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Royal House Order of the Rue Crown of South Carolina
Awarded by the Kingdom of Greater Carolina
Type: Military/Civil Medal
Awarded For: Exemplary Service to the Kingdom of Greater Carolina, and acts that are deemed as an asset to the cause of New Europe by the Monarch of Greater Carolina
Status: Currently Awarded
Established: 20 December 2008
First Awarded: 20 December 2008
Distinct Recipients: Matthew I, of South Carolina, Emperor Wilhelm I, James Colaianni, Nicholas Bender.
Next (higher): Depends upon State, Highest Order in G.C.
Next (lower): Depends upon State, Royal Military Order of St. Henry in G.C.

--Royal House Order of the Rue Crown of South Carolina—This order is the highest in the Kingdom of South Carolina. It can stretch its lineage back to the old Order of the Rue Crown of Saxony founded on July 20, 1807 by King Friedrich August I of Saxony. The Order was refounded by King Matthew on December 20, 2008. The monarch of South Carolina is the Grand master of the Order. The Order has only 1 degree. The award consists of a green sash, with a silver breast star, and a sash badge in gold with Green and Blue enamel. The "FA" cypher on the cross represents the famous and first King of Saxony, Friedrich August I, who the current King of Greater Carolina descends from. It is awarded by the Monarch at their discretion, most usually to distinguished generals and heads of foreign states. The total number of members of the order is never to exceed 100.

Left: The Reverse of the Sash Badge, Right: Breast Star
The Sash with the Observe of the Sash badge
A closeup of the front of the badge