Kingdom of Greater Carolina

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Kingdom of Greater Carolina(English),Königreich Großekarolina (Deutsch)
Location in New Europe:Map Carolina.png
Motto: Providentae Memor
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Location: Greater Carolina (Grand Duchy of South Carolina and Principality of North Carolina)
Citizens: 100
Date of foundation: December 20, 2008
Leadership: King Matthew I, of Greater Carolina
Language: German(Official),English
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Religion: Christianity
Website: none

Greater Carolina is a Constitutional Monarchy and a member state of New Europe.

Becoming part of New Europe

South Carolina became a member state in the finding days of the U.E.N.A. Matthew I, (a descendant of the Royal House of Saxony) was crowned King by his followers, due to his royal/noble background and it was approved by the Emperor. South Carolina was joined with North Carolina, after the period known as the Carolina Wars. South Carolina became the a Grand Duchy, and North Carolina a Principality in the new Kingdom of Greater Carolina. Since it's conception South Carolina has much pride in its local militia force, which is considered to be as well trained as a regular force. It is so well organized that most customs used in the Imperial Army are based off of the South Carolina Militia's own. The Royal Greater Carolinian Army (R.G.C.A.), also known as the Greater Carolinian Army, or G.C.A., has three component units as of yet. These are the Royal Greater Carolinian Leibgrenadiergarde "König Matthias I," The Royal Greater Carolinian Garde zu Fuss Regiment "Kaiser Wilhelm I," and the Royal Saxon Garde du Corps. These units have between 25-30 members, but in war they have been increased to 35 per unit.

Demographics of the Populace

The majority of the population of Greater Carolina is Caucasoid in nature, thought there are a number of descendants of Mongoloid political refugees who fled the regimes of Pol Pot and Mao Zedong, and of course a large minority of Negroid peoples. They are welcomed socially into the government, and they support the government, King, and Kaiser wholeheartedly. The King merely asks that they respect the Caucasoid practices of the state, and take their place in working for a greater Greater Carolina. The great majority of the populace, around 85%, are members of the New European Conservative Party. This is due to their Conservative and Monarchist morals, and their pride that their monarch is the founder and head of the party.

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