Royal Greater Carolinian "Garde du Corps"

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Kaiserliche Armee
Gren flag.jpg Flag of the Regiment
Motto:Providentae Memor("Remember Providence")
Active: June 6, 2008
Military March(Fast): King Matthew's March
Military March(Slow): Marsch der Kursächsischen Leibgarde (,,der Kesselsdorfer)
Previous conflicts: Meissner-Antifan War, Camurian War, Carolina Wars
Current conflicts: none
Patron and Inhaber: Matthew I, of Greater Carolina
Current Commander: Matthew I, of Greater Carolina
Past Commanders: N/A
General Information:
Garrison and Depot: Myrtle Beach, GC
Active Personnel: 20
Reserve Personnel: 10
Standard weapon: MP5 Air Soft Rifle
Battle Honors: Meissner Anitfan War Medal, Camurian War Medal, Anschluss von Nord Karolinen Medal, Kaiser's Unit Citation

Formation and History

The Imperial Guards Grenadier Regiment "King Matthew I" is one of the elite regiments of the Greater Carolinian Imperial Guard, and Imperial Guard of New Europe. It served from initial founding of the former Kingdom of South Carolina, and continues to serve to this day as a part of the Greater Carolinian forces. The regiment is the premier formation in the Imperial Army of New Europe. It has served with distinction in all the armed conflicts in New Europe's history. It has also been cited for gallantry by the Kaiser and King Matthew on numerous occasions. The Regiment is a descendant of the famous Saxon Garde du Corps. The regiment was officially revived on June 6, 2008, "and is so far the last regiment of Imperial Guardsmen to be raised, but the way New Europe is growing praise God it will not be the Last"(King Matthew).


  • Third formally established military unit of New Europe.
  • Composed Coronation Guard at the Coronation of King Matthew I, as King of South Carolina and later King of Greater Carolina.
  • Was the unit that "stood and fought" (quote from King Matthew) at the Battle of Forrestbrook.
  • Has served as an escort to His Imperial and Royal Majesty the Kaiser and to His Royal Majesty and Grand Ducal Highness King Matthew I.
  • Official Leibstandarte of the Monarch of Greater Carolina.


Order of Battle

- I. Battalion

- II. Battalion

- III. Battalion

- IV. Battalion

- Regimental Support Battalion


The I.G.G.R. wears only the standard Class C camo of the normal army. This regiment alone maintains 2 forms special dress. The first is that the regiment's Class B Service Dress.

The Service Dress is as follows:

The Full Dress is as follows:

  • Tunic: Buff faced dark blue/red/gold, gold metal epaulettes for all ranks(larger ones for officers), long tails and pointed cuffs.
  • Breeches: White. White trousers on campaign.
  • Boots: Black Riding Boots.
  • Buttons: Brass.
  • Crossbelts: White leather, supporting the bayonet and sabrebriquet on the left hip, and the cartridge box on the right. Black leather scabbards with brass fittings. Silver sword-knot with red lace.
  • Epaulets: Officers have brass metal epaulets, NCOs have silver metal epaulets, and EM have normal fringe epaulets.
  • Gloves: White
  • Greatcoat: Grey
  • Headgear(Under Arms): Corinthian Helmet. White Cords for EM, Silver for NCOs, and Gold for Officers.
  • Other Headgear: Peaked Cap, Pickelhaube with Lion

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