Royal Council of Mallanor

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The Royal Council of Mallanor, also known simply as the Royal Council, is the advisory body for the [monarch of Mallanor]. It is composed of fourteen (14) ministers, including the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. The Prime Minister, currently Michael Hinnebusch II, is the head of the Council.

The Royal Council was officially founded on 26 April 2015, with the passage of Royal Edict RE-S-001-B, which officially organized the Mallanorian government. However, the Royal Council was organized unofficially on 28 April 2014, with the foundation of Mallanor. The first Royal Council was the 1st Royal Council of Mallanor (1st Hinnebusch Council).

The current Royal Council is the 2nd Royal Council of Mallanor, headed by Michael Hinnebusch II (as Prime Minister). It entered into office on 18 April 2015, when Michael Hinnebusch II was elected for another term as Prime Minister of Mallanor in the 2015 Mallanorian National Election. The Council was kept mostly the same, with some additions. (Additions here).

Current Council

Office Name In office since Term end
Prime Minister Michael Hinnebusch II 28 April 2014 Incumbent
Deputy Prime Minister _ _
Minister of Culture Kaylee Smith 10 June 2014
Minister of Defense Ian Listerman 29 April 2014
Minister of Education and Research _ _
Minister of Energy and Communications _ _
Minister of Finance _ _
Minister of Food and Agriculture _ _
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Weitzel 29 April 2014
Minister of Health _ _
Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment _ _
Minister of the Interior _ _
Minister of Security and Justice _ _
Minister of Transport _ _

Former Councils

1st Hinnebusch Council

The 1st Hinnebusch Council was headed by Michael Hinnebusch II (as Prime Minister). It entered into office on 28 April 2014, when King Connor I appointed Michael Hinnebusch II as the first Prime Minister.