Royal Consort of Albia

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A Royal Consort is the husband or wife of a reigning monarch. Consorts of monarchs in the Kingdom of Albia have no constitutional power but have wield significant influence and may also sit as a Member of the Privy Council of Albia as well as being able to hold (mostly ceremonial) military titles.


The title of consorts of Albia sometimes vary. The titles of Consorts are:

  • Queen Consort of Albia (Female)
    • Sometime Princess Consort of Albia
  • Prince Consort of Albia (Male)

Prince and Princess consorts may be awarded other titles, typically ducal, in addition to their title as consort.


Consorts in Albia, depending on their title, may be styled after the monarch or a Prince or Princess in the royal family.

Queen Consorts are styled as "Her Majesty", similarly to the Monarch, whereas Prince and Princess Consorts are styled as "His/Her Royal Highness" like other Princes and Princesses.


Typically the Consort is crowned Queen or Prince Consort after they have married the Monarch of Albia. The Coronation may be on the day of the wedding or after the couple's honeymoon. The coronation acts as a formality to welcome the consort into the royal family and to consolidate their title as the consort.

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