Robyn, Crown Princess of Camuria

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Princess Robyn
Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess of Camuria
Royal Crest of Camuria
Crown Princess of Camuria
Reign2 July 2007 - present
Accession2 July 2007
PredecessorKing Ian II
Governor-General of South Perisma
Assumed office
16 March 2008
Preceded byOffice established
Born8 July
Liverpool, UK
Robyn Alexa
HouseHouse of Forrest
FatherIan I, of Camuria
MotherQueen-Consort Sharon
ReligionRoman Catholic

Crown Princess Robyn of Camuria (Robyn Alexa; born 8 July) is the only daughter of King Ian I and his wife the Queen-Consort. Since 2007, she has been heir apparent to the separate, but non-independent thrones of the Camurian Empire and her main title has been HRH The Crown Princess Robyn of Camuria, but may use other titles, depending on where she is visiting, for example Governor-General of South Perisma when visiting South Perisma. The Princess is well know for her outspoken nature over recent years, criticising the government over recent reforms to the Armed Forces.

Early life

Robyn is the only daughter of Ian I, of Camuria and his wife the Queen-Consort. She was born in the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom on 8 July. Her godparents are two of her aunts and her uncle by marriage. Her only sibling is Ian II, of Camuria, the reigning sovereign of Camuria-Altachia. She was educated in a number of state schools in Merseyside, firstly nearer the city itself and thereafter in the suburbs of Liverpool.

At birth, she was bestowed with the title Princess of Godricsun, which she held until 2 July 2007, when she adopted the new style of Royal Highness and the official title Crown Princess Robyn of Camuria. In taking the title she thus became heir apparent and first in line to the succession of the thrones of the Camurian Empire: the Crown of Camuria and Althacia, the Crown of Misthasia and the Crown of Anzacia and Polskania, all of which are subject to the Camurian Crown.

Official Duties

As Crown Princess of Camuria, Princess Robyn undertakes a number of official duties on behalf of both her brother, Ian II, of Camuria in his role as sovereign of Camuria-Althacia and His Majesty's Government. She frequently stands in for the King-Emperor on diplomatic visits to areas of the Empire, but this is a relatively uncommon occurrence. Before the Althacian-Camurian Union the Crown Princess was seen as the de facto Camurian Ambassador to Althacia, due to her almost constant presence within the Althacian governmental theatre.

The Crown Princess makes regular visits to both North Perisma and South Perisma, respectively, going their numerous times throughout the year and attends most public events that occur in the provinces, also representing the Governor-General of North Perimsa on occasions when he is otherwise occupied.

Titles, styles and honours

Robyn has held numerous titles throughout her lifetime, as daughter of one monarch and then sister of the next. In common practice she is Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Robyn of Camuria. Officially, she uses separate and specific titles depending on where she is currently visiting. When in conversation with the Crown Princess, the practice is to initially her as Your Royal Highness and thereafter as Ma'am.

There has been speculation that as to the regal name of the Crown Princess will be upon her succession to the throne. It has been suggested that the Crown Princess will be known as Queen Alexa, adopting her middle name due to its meaning of defender.

Titles and styles

  • Birth - 2 July 2007 -:Her Royal Highness Princess of Godricsun
  • 16 March 2008 - Incumbent -: Her Excellency Governor-General of South Perisma
  • 2 July 2007 - Incumbent -: Her Royal Highness Crown Princess of Camuria