Rise up!

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Rise Up

National anthem of
NationalAustralisFlag.png Unified Royal States of Australis

LyricsDaniel Roscoe
Adopted20 June 2020

Rise Up is the national anthem of the Unified Royal States of Australis. Written by Grand Duke of Australis Daniel Roscoe, it has a unique melody, unlike most other micronational anthems, which adopt existing musical pieces.

Break free from the chains of society!

Rise Up! (STOMP)
Rise Up! (STOMP)

Be free from the world that we live in,

Rise Up! (STOMP)
Rise Up! (STOMP)

Stand for freedom and equality,
To make this world our own,
Everybody shall be free,
And treated equally.

Rise Up! (STOMP)
Rise Up! (STOMP)

Lead the revolution,
Give liberty to all,
Let no soul corrupt our dream,
For we…