Revolutionary Front

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The Revolutionary Front, or Rev Front is the military and police of Cianistan, a region within United Commonwealth of Pazistan and Cianistan. The Rev Front is known to have somewhere around 5-100 members, but specific numbers are unknown due to the way the Rev Front is organised, and how their data is distributed. The Rev Front is organized into small militas, notable ones include, The Antifascist People's Militia, and the 2nd Armored People's Militia.

Revolutionary Front
Flag of the Rev Front
Motto "For Freedom and the Revolution!"
Active 18/11/2018–present
Ideology Anarchism, Marxism
Headquarters Cianistan
Subcomandante of the Free Territory

Official Rev Front Uniforms

Regulars Subcommandante
RevFrontUniform.png Subcommandanteuniform.png

Rev Front Sea Forces

Regular Admiral
Private (SNF).png Commanding General.png


The Revolutionary Front mainly uses late Soviet - modern Russian military equipment, such as the AK-12 and AK-15 and Pazistani manufactured helmets and body armor. The Revolutionary Front frequently uses HAZ-12H helmets, which are similar in appearance to the SSh-68N helmet used by the Russian military. The People's Policing Militia also uses smaller arms, such as the Makarov pistol, but in high risk situations the Policing Militia may use AK rifles or AS "VAL" suppressed rifles.

Most Ground Forces are equipped with an automatic rifle, a hand grenade and a small side arm. The Revolutionary Front used to mount bayonets on the end of their rifles, but this practice was ended when it was discovered that this was a huge waste of resources, and the bayonets were almost never used. Higher ranked members are usually wearing red berets rather than the usual Ushanka fur hats or the helmets, and carry 2 hand grenades rather than one. The current Subcomandante, Subcomandante Cian, has been shown to favor a Desert Eagle Mark XIX rather than a standard Makarov pistol for his personal use.

List of militias