Resignation of Aidan McGrath in Baustralia

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The resignation of the Baustralian Prime Minister Aidan McGrath occurred on 7 October 2019 at 09:10 EDT, after being forced to by John under a deal where if the King found that McGrath did not improve by 6 October 2019, he would resign the morning following. He was the first Prime Minister to resign without a parliamentary vote.

The reason for his resignation was because the King found him guilty of lèse majesté, and decided not to charge him with treason. Upon his resignation, he requested a relinquishment of his citizenship, which was granted, and then was told that he was honourably discharged from the Baustralian Army and that the Crown no longer requires him.

Letter of resignation

The letter requesting relief from his post was digitally signed and submitted to the King and was granted immediately.


Your Majesty,

I have found it incredibly hard to execute the office of Prime Minister. With my grandfather's illness, my presidency, my leadership of three parties, and GUM delegate, and my education, I feel as though I must resign. Godspeed to your Kingdom and to my party.

Ask Emily Day if she wishes to take over, and if not, my party will have to resign as the 3rd ministry and pass it along to Timpson and his party. I will make my shadow cabinet represent that of my ministry.

God bless,

(signed Aidan John McGrath)

— Aidan McGrath, Letter of Resignation of the Second Baustralian Prime Minister