Republic of the Traffic Islands

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Traffic Islands is a micronation located in the traffic islands in the world. Currently it owns 2 traffic islands, bordered by Hungary, one in Dömsöd, and one located in Kiskunlacháza. But the government gladly accepts all offered traffic islands.

Republic of the Traffic Islands Járdaszigetek.PNG
National motto: The place where everything is near!!
Tourism slogan: Land of colorful people

Szép hazánk!
Capital cityIrodaelőtt
Official language(s)Hungarian
Official religion(s)every religion is allowed, there is no official
- PresidentX Y nicknamed Jenő Polgár
Legislature"House" of Parliament
- Last election - 2019. 04. 20.
Established2019. 04. 20.
Population0 citizen, 1 resident
National sportDrunk box in the street
National animalPigeon


Szárnyalj, galamb,
Szállj le szép hazánk büszke fűszálain!
Szárnyalj, nép,
Szállj le büszke Polgár Jenő úr földjein!

Minden sziget egyesítve,
A For"ra"galom keze által!

Szárnyalj, galamb! Szárnyalj, nép!
Szállj le szép hazánk földjein!

Rise, pigeon,
Land on the proud grass of our nice homeland!
Rise, people,
Land on the lands of proud Mr. Jenő Polgár.

All islands are united,
By the hand of the trafvolution! (word-joke with the Hungarian word forradalom (revolution) and forgalom (traffic))

Rise, pigeon!
Rise, people!
Land on the lands of our proud Homeland!


If you want to be a resident, offer a traffic island, write to