Republic of the Dream of Outer Heaven

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Outer Heaven

The Republic of the Dream of Outer Heaven, or more simple Outer Heaven is a micronation established on 1 October 2015 by Big Boss (code name for Gianluca Bazza).

It reclaims a small island in Garda Lake (Italian peninsula) as constitutive territory. That island is called Isola del Sogno (Island of the Dream) but none of the 6 citizens lives there. In facts it is an uninhabited island and all the citizens have their residence in Italy. Anyway the laws and the decisions taken for Outer Heaven are valid for every citizen in every place of the world.

The name of the micronation comes from the name of the island and also as an inspiration from a famous video-game series titled "Metal Gear". Outer Heaven is an apartitic republic with direct democracy. So, all the laws are discussed between citizens. Outer Heaven rejects United Nations as an international tool of the superpowers' imperialism and don't recognise all the States who are members of United Nations.

Outer Heaven don't have an official page in the web but only an inner group iron like close on Facebook.