Republic of Torland

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Republic of Torland

No War, No Misery
Patrioticheskaya pesnya
Finland, Europe
Capital cityPetleas
Largest cityOulu
Official language(s)Finnish, English and Torlandian
Short nameTorland
Time zoneUTC+2and UTC+3

Torland is a micronation in Finland (Pohjanmaa ostrobothnia), ruled by President PierreFin.

Torland's national anthem is Russia 1991-2000 hymn. Torland accepts the independence of the Faroe Islands. Torland developed SCU (Socialist Contries Union). SCU allies are Faroe Islands, Talon, Yelkomia and Torland's purpose would be to get all the socialist micronations together. Torlandian language is easy to do yourself, word Computer (German) computer (Danish) computer (Polish) komputer and Torlandian "computer". The language consists of the most widely used words of germanic languages.


Nytoria changed its name to "Torland" 2016. Nytoria is Nytorian Socialist Workers Republic was created on 3.11.2014, but in a few days is Nytorian SSR. Nätson and Petronso are Autonomic states in Nytorian SSR. Nytoria created the S.C.U (Socialist Countres Union) in 2014. First alliance is Tomppamaa in central Finland. Tomppamaa ceased its activities being month join the SCU. Kejevali town came to city. Petronso is not Active (26.7.2015). Nytoria first once was celebrated Nytorian revolution day (3.11). Three days later is Incedepence day in Nytoria/Torland. Nytoria changed its name (Torland). Nätson was ended (11.3.2016) Torland ended the socialism, that he Richardotopian Alliance. SCU alliens is Faroe islands, Yelkomia, Talon socialist republic and Torland.

Torland Flag is Black, White, purple, like German flag


Capital: Biggest city: Motto: Location: Europe National anthem: Memembership: SCU allies Leadership: Language: Currency: Time zone: PierreFin Channel: Population: 1 or 431 483