Republic of Tanzig

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Republic of Tanzig
Croatian: Republika Tanziga
Tanzi: Republika Tanzig
Anthem: Tamo je moja zemlja
Over there is my country
Location Croatia
Official languagesCroatian, English, Tanzi
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
• President
Nikolas Kapor I
• Established
21 December 2022
Currency(de facto, until 1/1/2023) Kuna (HRK)
(de facto) Euro (€)
(de jure) Tanga (HTV)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
DST is not used
Date (AD)
Driving sideright
Calling code(de facto) +385
(de jure) none
Internet TLD(de facto) .hr
(de jure) none

The Republic of Tanzig (Croatian: Republika Tanziga [repǔblika tǎnt͡sig]), or simply Tanzig, is a micronation located in Croatia.


On 21 December 2022, the Republic of Tanzig declared independence from the Republic of Croatia. 9 days later, on 30 December, the Socialist Republic of Tanzig was formed, but collapsed almost instantly. A revolution took place shortly after, on 20 January 2023, wich formed the Miroslavian Republic of Tanzig. By presidential decree, the state was renamed to the Free Republic of Tanzig on 24 January of the same year.

On 28 February 2023, Tanzig changed its location. Between 18 February and 6 March 2023, the national motto of Tanzig was "Za Mirku", Croatian for "For Mirko", before being completely scrapped.

On 19 March 2023, the micronation changed its name once again, reverting it to the original name when it was established: the Republic of Tanzig.



Tanzig is an unitary parliamentary republic. Elections are held every year, initially planned to be held every 4 years. The head of the government is the President of Tanzig.

Political parties

Currently there are three registered parties in Tanzig: the Democratic Party of Tanzig, which is currently the ruling party, the Socialist Party of Tanzig, and the Kingdom Party of Tanzig.

Party Name Flag Abbreviation Leader Ideology Position Colours Seats in the Sabar
Democratic Party DPT Nikolas Kapor Conservative liberalism centre-right   blue
1 / 3
Socialist Party SPT TBA Socialism left   red
1 / 3
Kingdom Party KPT TBA Monarchism right   royal blue
1 / 3

Foreign relations

The Republic of Tanzig has bilateral diplomatic relations with the Governorate of Græcia, since 26 January 2023.

On 6 February of the same year, Tanzig became a member of the Balkan League of Micronations.

Administrative divisions

Until 14 March 2023, the micronation was divided into two regions: Tano, and Tanu. The capital (and largest) city is Tangograd.



The official religion of the Republic of Tanzig is Roman Catholicism. Briefly, between 17 February and 6 March 2023, the state religion was named "Mirkoslavian Catholicism" (Croatian: Mirkoslavski katolicizam).


The official languages of the Republic of Tanzig are Croatian, English and Tanzi.