Republic of Surdam v. the Micronational Assembly

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Republic of Surdam v. the Micronational Assembly was a court case held by the Micronational Assembly.


The case began when a suit was declared by a Councilman of the Assembly, Hunt Powell on accusations of immaturity and roleplay by Surdamian representatives. Hunt aswell as Connor Shaw were the plantiffs with Surdam being the defending party. Loser123 was not available. Some delegates attending the meeting were A.Y and Grandduke Augustine. A large amount of evidence was brought to the table of Loser123 spamming the Grand Republic of Kapreburg Discord server with a gif of the flag of the Grand Republic of Kapreburg burning. A.Y, the Chief Justice of the Assembly appointed the jury on behalf of the Deputy Justice and the conferment of the Jury, a unanimous vote of Surdam's guilt was declared. The Chief Justice decided the applicable sentence for the Republic of Surdam was 2 month expulsion of all Surdamian officials from the Assembly, with the possibility of re-application following the 2 months.