Republic of South Georgia

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Republic of South Georgia
Leo Terram Propriat Protegat
Wrath of Sea
Official language(s) English, Spanish, Italian
Capital Grytviken
Date founded 02-15-2010
Number of citizens 10
Number of active citizens 10
Government Presidential Republic
Current leader President Claudia Iaris
National animal sheep

The Republic of South Georgia is a micronation founded in February 2010 by President Claudia I. and Joel Crow, two Falkland Islands inhabitants.

Expeditions to South Georgia

Each month the government travels to South Georgia onboard the Lyry, a little Yacht, from the Falklands.

Area Claimed

Area Claimed

The Republic of South Georgia claims South Georgia Island, Bird Island, Main Island, Annenkov Island, Cooper Island, Saddle Island, Pickersgill Island, Prion Islet, and Shag Rocks.