Republic of Shetvik and St. Alouarn

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Shetvik & St Alouarn
Flag of Shetvik & St Alouarn
Capital District
and largest city
• President
Callum Russell
Establishment7 August 2022
• Estimate

The Republic of Shetvik & St Alouarn, commonly referred to as Shetvik and St. Alouarn, was a sovereign nation based in southwestern Australia. The nation was founded on 6 August 2022 by micronationalist Callum Russell under the name Cameron Askes. Shetvik and St. Alouarn claimed a small enclave in Australia, and the islands and rocks of the St. Alouarn Group off the coast of Leeuwin. Discrepancies about its founding date exist, as some sources point to 6 August, whilst others indicate 7 August. The Republic of Shetvik and St. Alouarn was absorbed into the Federal Republic of Kerguel on 17 August 2022.