Republic of San Biagio

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San Biagio was a Republic located in the italian region of Veneto

Republic of San Biagio
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ubi lux (est) sapientia"
File:San Biagio di Teolo PD, Italy
CapitalCittà di San Biagio
Official languagesItalian, Venetian (unofficial)
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• (as of 2019 census) census
Currencyeuro €
This country was a member of UMNI.

The "Republic of San Biagio" was a micronation founded on 15/03/2016 as a kingdom. Lately, it became a republic with the actual president, Alessio Carraro.It failed on 18 june 2019 during a war against Luxe. Its successor state is United Venetians' Republic.


In 15 March 2016, a group of friends created a group just for fun, named "Kingdom of San Biagio". It had a king, but he has abdicated for the actual president, traditionally after exactly a year. Alessio Carraro has decided to close the kingdom and he created the Republic as it is nowadays. The national archive contained all the documents that the Kingdom and the Republic used, but in 2018 it were emptied off all its paper by an unknown criminal. Important because all the documents contained in it were concerning also the "black" history, the bad history. This allowed the Republic to restart with start over with renewed ardor, but it was a bad blow because it contained also the constitution. On 9 May 2019, the Republic joined Unione delle MicroNazioni Italiane


Republic of San Biagio, in the metropolitan zone of the capital Città di San Biagio, it's divided into three different zones: - District 1 San Benedetto - District 2 Selve - District 3 San Biagio, otherwise known as "The Capital" Waiting more informations from the government; they are considering if adding some unclaimed territories.