Republic of Stellana

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Republic of Stellana
스텔라나 공화국 (Korean)

Ravenitio flag.pngCoat of arms of Ravenitio.jpeg

Revolutionund Recht und Freiheit
혁명 그리고 자유

Be strong, People of Stellana
Ravenitio claims in dark green
Capital cityBergen
Largest cityBergen
Official language(s)Korean, German, Latin
Official religion(s)none
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- GeneralissimoKim-Je-Hoon
LegislatureFederal Congress
- Type - Unicameral
Established23 May 2016
Disestablished28 July 2017
Area claimed700m²
Population23 [1]
CurrencyRaven (worth 500 Korean Won)
Time zoneUTC+9 (Korean Standard Time)

Official Website

The Republic of Stellana is a federal micronation located in South Korea. It has brought motif from the Third Reich, but Generalissimo Kim traverses that the nation uses totalitarian rule. It is a later being of the Republic of Ravenitio, which was destroyed in a cyber attack.