Republic of New Flaradonia

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The Republic of New Flaradonia is the official successor to the Solvo Federation. The Republic is a representative democracy as opposed to the former Isocracy, to streamline government and increase effectiveness while keeping to the ideals of the former Federation.

Republic of New Flaradonia
Dominance of the Mind, not the Sword
Flaradonian Anthem
Official language(s) English
Capital New Flaradonia
Date founded April-05-10
Number of citizens 13
Number of active citizens April 5th-current date
Government Representative Democracy
Current leader Premier Michael Flaherty

Liberal Party

National animal Porcupine


The Republic is devided into two Provinces, each headed by a governor. The official head of government is the Premier.

New Flaradonia

The current capital of the Republic. New Flaradonia was brought into the republic by right of purchase, as the land was purchased by the Flaherty family.

Old Flaradonia/Ravenscliff Administrative District

Centered around the settlement of Old Flaradonia, the province claims much more territory then New Flaradonia, but does little to enforce their claims. Hence, the Ravenscliff Administrative District is not considered a true province, merely a territory.

Gull Lake Minor Islands Administrative Disctrict

There are many small islands in Gull Lake. These islands have no habitation and are publicly owned. Hence, these islands are considered a territory of the Republic.

Elicotville/Plum Creek

Based around land purchased by the Flaherty Family and Blew Family. The two dwellings are not connected, but it is considered a full province due to the high population.

Potential Territories:

Arnill: This territory is in fact owned by the Arnill Family and although on good relation with the Republic has not yet been formally annexed.

Government Agencies

Republic Emergency Militia (currently serving as Military and Police. Temporary institution.)

New Flaradonian Security Directorate (formally Solvoian Intelligence Agency. Brought into the new Republic fully formed)

Solvoian Political Science Board


The Republic was founded on Liberal Ideals. Although the government is no longer a strict Flaradonian Isocracy, the main ideas behind the philosophy remain.

In the constitution, the Republic pledges it aim to:

-Shield and Protect its citizens in the advent of national emergency.

-Maintain the democratic process through the entirety of its existence should it not conflict with the first aim.

-Insure that there is no bias present in the media.

-Recognizing that culture, rather then government, is the driving force behind society, create a culture based on creativity rather then wealth or violence.

-Keep ownership of key industries (e.g. Public Transportation, Water, a food Reserve, Nationalised Insurance)