Republic of Kapronca

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Republika Koprivnica
Republik of Kapronca


Ujedinjeni u različitosti.
(United in diversity.)
Red circles.
Capital cityKapronca (Koprivnica)
Official language(s)Croatian
- PresidentTomaž Bericev
- Prime ministerBenjamin Veliković

Kapronca, officially the Republic of Kapronca (in Croatian : Republika Koprivnica), is a Croatian territorial microstate, located in the North and South of Croatia, founded in 27 July 2013. The state is not landlocked, it has a seaside in the South of Croatia, near to the city of Rijeka, and near to the island of Krk. The country is armed neutrality, and has a peaceful cooperating with Croatia.

Foreign relations

Automatically recognised nations

These macro- and micronations were automatically recognised by the Republic of Kapronca.

Flag of the United Nations.png All United Nations members
Flag of Kosovo.png Republic of Kosovo
Flag of Seborga.png Principality of Seborga
Flag of Sealand Principality of Sealand
Flag of Molossia.png Republic of Molossia
Vlag.jpg Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Flag of St. Charlie.png Federal Republic of St. Charlie

Administrative Divisions

Kapronca has 2 basic territory. The first one, where the capital city is located (it has also a border with an other country in North), and the second one, which has the seaside. An important harbor town, which is located in the South territory, is Klenovica.

NorthterKap.png SouthterKap.png