Republic of Carthia

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Republic of Carthia
Flag of Republic of Carthia
Coat of arms of Republic of Carthia
Coat of arms
Motto: Trudge on in spite of the circumstances.
Anthem: For Carthia
LocationNorth America
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Direct democracy
Establishment15 July 2018
Time zone(UTC -6)

The Republic of Carthia or more commonly known as just Carthia, is a micronation founded by King Corvin I & II on 15 July 2018. Carthia is based in North America and very few landholdings. Carthia is a constitutional monarchy with a direct democracy, and King Corvin I plans to eventually relinquish most of his powers as King "when Carthia has a government that can sustain itself".


Carthia has no history. Carthia is too good for history.

Foreign Policy

Carthia has a track record for being neutral in all foreign affairs and possible conflicts. This is because the King does not like to involve himself and extend his nation into any dramatic events. Carthia has never been involved in any wars with another nation and will instead opt to watch the conflict from a distance. On occasion, if any allies to the Republic are involved in a conflict, Carthia will be present during negotiations to help gain favorable conditions for both sides of the conflict to assure that it can come to a peaceful resolution.


Carthia has been a neutral nation ever since The Acts of Neutrality were enacted, which pretty much mean that the Republic will remain neutral unless if attacked/provoked, or an ally is attacked, although this doesn't automatically mean that Carthia will rush to its allies' defense no questions asked.


Allies to Carthia can involve themselves in conflicts; but, the Republic reserves the right to remain neutral in all conflicts. Thus, being an ally of the Republic does not guarantee support.

Government and Politics

Carthia is a direct democracy, in which each citizen can choose from one of the three parties. However, if they decide to not choose a party, they are not allowed to propose or vote on any possible bills that may come up. These parties are the Royalist party, the Authoritarian party, and the Libertarian Party. Each party has a Chairman who is in charge of his or her respective party.

Royalist Party

This party is mainly for the Crown calling the shots. The Royalists believe that the Crown should make the important decisions in Carthia, and argue that the Crown should have more power. The Royalist Party is currently the biggest party within Carthian politics and holds the most influence.

Authoritarian Party

This party believes that the Government should be given more power, and justifies this by saying that by taking control the government would be easing the burden off of citizens. The Authoritarian Party is currently the smallest and least influential party of the three original parties.

Libertarian Party

This party believes in individual freedom; this includes the individual having more power in the government, as the government ruling would make decisions that would be unfair to the common man. The party has seen some recent growth, enough to rival even the Royalist Party in some terms of influence, but that growth seems to have slowed recently with the abolishment of the three party system.

The Three Party System

The three parties are the only parties that are allowed within Carthian politics. The point of concept was to see what would happen if instead of focusing on left vs. right politics, Carthia would try a different system that would focus on the concept of Liberty vs. Government, and all of the debates that would go along with it. This system has been a controversial point of contention for many newcomers to the Republic and many have tried to get rid of the system entirely, many of which failed to make any substantial changes, but on March 23 of 2020 the three party system was eliminated. Now parties are freely being developed, where once it was not allowed.

Social Democratic Party of Carthia

One of the first parties to be birthed right after the abolishment of the three party system, the Social Democratic Party of Carthia (Often referred to as the SDP or SDPC) is a center-left leaning party that advocates for a social democracy. The SDP has seen a sudden rise and recent decline partially due to some members switching to the Worker's Party.

Worker's Party

A much more left leaning party that stands for socialism and communism. The Worker's Party has seen very strong growth, often by siphoning off members from other parties and recruiting new citizens. The party may be able to gain a majority if the breakneck speed of their growth continues it's current trajectory.


Chairmen and Justices are elected a week before July 15 in Congress. If a party is discontent with their party leader a member of that party can challenge the Chairman of the party. Challenges may be submitted anywhere from 2 weeks to a month before the elections begin.


Carthia has a running theme of doing its own thing, often standing out from other nations; this often comes in the form of exploring different concepts and expressing its patriotism differently entirely (a lone figure fighting an impossible battle or overcoming massive adversity isn't out of the ordinary). Spanish as a second language, meaning that every citizen isn't required to know the language, but it is encouraged to learn the language on some basic level. Carthia also has a few national dishes. These dishes include a Bean Burrito and the Grilled Cheese Waffle.


Carthia is currently closed to physical visits.