Republic of Öokko

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Republic of Öokko
Republiken Öokko (se)

Republicofookkoflag.jpgDet officiella statsvapnet nu.jpg

Libery, solidarity, respect
Fight for our right
Capital city Sossombosso
Official language(s) Swedish
Demonym Öokkians
Government Parliamentary Republic
- Prime Minister Olof Persson
- Vice Prime Minister Olof Nyberg
Legislature Riksdag
- Number of seats - 25
Established 4 January, 2011
Area claimed ~ 1 km2
Population 30
Currency Crona = 100 Fungas
Time zone CEST
National sport Bandy
National dish Apple beefs with potatoes and lingonberry sauce
National drink Pommac
National animal Wisent

Republic of Öokko was a micronation that was founded 4 January 2011, but it was planned since about one year before.

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