Republic Downfall (Breckland)

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Downfall of the Breckland Republic
DateDecember 2015
Result Breckland Republic overthrown, Empire founded.
PalasiaFlag.png Republic of Breckland Flagbreckland.png Breckland Empire
Commanders and leaders
PalasiaFlag.png John Gordon (defected) Flagbreckland.png John Gordon

The Downfall of the Breckland Republic is the official name for the coup d'etat which occurred in Breckland. Several members loyal to the then President, overruled the senate and granted the President emergency powers, the President then gave a speech to the nation and senate declaring a new order was upon Breckland with the creation of a grand Empire, to be called the Breckland Empire, ruled over by the Supreme Emperor.

On 30 January 2016, the republic was restored as the Federal Republic of Breckland. John Gordon was appointed Federal Chancellor, the Federal Constitutional Courts brought charges against Mr. Gordon for his role in the self-coup, the charges were Constitutional Contempt and Treason.