Reich des Vaterlandes

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Reich des Vaterlandes
File:North America, Europe
CapitalCapital Grounds
Official languagesEnglish and German
• Kaiser
Kaiser Adalard
LegislatureRoyal Parliament
Establishment25 May 2018
• Census
Time zoneUTC -5

Reich des Vaterlandes is a micronation founded ruled by Kaiser Adalard, with a population of 4 people. It declared independence from the Principality of Squamily and Friends on May 25, 2018. Neu Vaderland fully got its independence on May 27, 2018 when his citizenship was revoked.


Reich Des Vaterlandes was established on May 25, 2018 but became fully independent on May 27, 2018. On June 15, 2018, the Reich established formal relations with Sycamore. In July 2018, a candle on the Capital Grounds was stolen by agent(s) of the New Maryland Republic. On July 15, Kaiser Adalard and an agent went to where the candle was being held. The mission, take the candle and run to Capital Grounds. The operation was successful and barely any violence occurred. NMR surrendered the next day and has since become a puppet of the reich.


The national legislature is the Royal Parliament, headed by the Kaiser. Each local leader gets representation in parliament.

Federal Regions

Krzewo (RDV Region)

Capital Grounds

Anglo Federal Region of Vendatia

Federal Region of Benelux