Red October (Anatefca)

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Red October was a series of crises spanning from October 26th until November 1st, 2007 in the Democratic Republic of Anatefca involving the administration of the local highschool.

Early October, 2007

At the end of a poorly contained civil discourse during a school assembly involving vague anti-student tones in the school auditorium\stage, the back curtain was lifted and two students displaying an extremely irreverant mannor towards the local administration.

These students were immediately placed on the Anatefcan Government's (Which had declaired offensive opperations on the administration in July, 2007) list of "Friends of Anatefca" and Anatefca declaired responsiblity to protect, or at least agitate on behalf of these students.

The students in question were placed under school detainment and unwarrented searches (Reportedly conducted without even parental consent) were conducted completely out of the original context that was reported by the Molloy Administration of "Protecting students from dangerous areas in the school".

This, coupled with the already perceived discriminatory and undemocratic practices of the Molloy and it's prediscessor Administrations, caused Anatefca to upgrade it's state of alert to there being an "Enemy Approaching".

October 26th, 2007

Anatefcan Officers placed anti-molloyist materials and Anatefcan recruitment materials in the hallways of the Phoenix Highschool, hoping to capitalize on the newly restirred movement against "Ageist Practices".

These posters were immediately removed and\or labled "Violent material" even with the absence of any violent imagery, due to Scatman John Larkin's (A figure who had become extremely popular to Anatefcans and was basically considered an Anatefcan symbol) perceived physical similarity to Saddam Huissein by a reportedly racist Pro-Molloy student. and Anatefcan officials were immediately detained.


Comrade Lenin was detained and interrogated allong with Comrade Mahatma primarilly, due to their involvement in an earlier recruitment-poster incident in which the same anti-Scatman feeling was pervayed by the School Government's Student Collaborators.

During Lenin's interogation, conducted by Molloy himself, Molloy used the pretenses of a "Violent look given by [Lenin]" for reasons to conduct a search in which the out of context word "Target" found on one page of Lenin's School-issued notebook as reasons to expand the search and root out the "Violent Gang" of Anatefcans.

During the circus that followed, the catchphrase "Carrots of Mass Destruction" was popularized in the school by way of the administration's claims that "Students were planning on making pipebombs out of carrots." (Actual exscript from an interrogation of a student conducted by Molloy's Staff).


Although the situation caused a complete escallation of the loss of respect for the Molloy Administration by way of most students. It also caused an emergency situation in Anatefca due to the openly infiltratable situation of the websites that most Anatefcans believed would cause further out-of-context investigations, comprimisation of personal privacy of anatefcan-aligned students, and eventual loss of opportunity by way of jaundiced, poor recommendations from the Molloy Allies.

within one night, a complete lockdown was agreed to by Anatefcan citizens.