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Type of entity: Micronational
Religion: Atheist\Agnostic
Political affiliations: American Libertarian Party, American Democratic Party, Libertarian, Liberalism
Anatefcan Political Party: N\A
Language: English, French

Mahatma, also known as Chuckdarwin or Hippystronomer, was one of the original co-founders of Anatefca, and currently serves as "Professor of ExpansiaFunk" of the Anatefcan Democratic-Republic.


In August 2007, shortly after being appointed to the newly formed office of "POeF", Mahatma developed and implemented Anatefcan plans of drawing supporters and even future members to Anatefca's State-Run Internet Forum to expand Anatefca's notoriety, by way of Youtube, Myspace, and other such networks.


Mahatma continues to serve as POeF, and is likely to retain that position for quite a while due to a lack of Anatefcan Political factioning.