Raphistan Security Force

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Military Branch

Seal of the RSF
Established 17 September 2021
Mobilized 3 November 2021
Anthem "La victoire est à nous"
Headquarters Garretsburg, Desert Realm of Raphistan
General nature National Guard, Border Security, Armed Escort, National Police
Strength 1
Monarch Alexander I
Marshal Tony of Garretsburg
General information
Standard weapon Chiappa Little Badger (Rifle)

SIG Sauer P320 (Sidearm)
Switchblade Pocket Knife

Units Royal Protection Detail

Raphistani Secret Police

The Raphistan Security Force, abbreviated to RSF, is the priamary military and law-enforcement service in the Desert Realm of Raphistan. While existing as a relatively small independent state, only an acre in size, Raphistan still fully utilizes this militia style defense force. Founded in September 2021, the organization serves to provide personal protection to government officials, ceremonial affairs for state events, border protection and civil law-enforcement/immigration control (through its subdevision, the Raphistani Secret Police).


The earliest traces of what would become the Raphistan Security Force predate the realm by about two years. Dating back to Phokland, individuals involved with the nation in Arizona, some of whom possessed military/law enforcement training/experience, banded together to create a "militia" to protect Phokland's sovereignty. Originally lighthearted in nature, the militia would consist of individuals (most of whom were firearm owners) going to shooting ranges to practice marksmanship and going on hikes/hunting expeditions in the desert. Overall, the militia operated like, and eventually became, a social club for firearm enthusiasts among Phoklandlian citizens and their friends. Following the dissolution of Phokland and the parting of ways amongst many members, the militia ceased to functionally exist by the beginning of 2020.

Following the restoration of Raphhistani founder Charles Ross' micronational career and the foundation of Raphistan as a spiritual successor to Phokland, some members of the former militia became reinterested in the project, primarily due to seeing the existence of physical land owned by the state in a remote location as a new opportunity to shoot guns and camp out in an outdoor environment. Also a factor in their interest was that former member Tony "the Great" had joined with Raphistan during its formation and became the first "Viceroy" (and later Marshal) of the nation.

Therefor, seeing a new way to foster a community environment, and being a gun-owner himself, on September 17, 2021, Charles (now going under the reigning name of Shah Alexander I) announced the formation of the Raphistan Security Force as a reservist militia to be trained as a way to ceremonially "protect" the lands of the realm. Furthermore, as an offshoot of the RSF, on September 30, the Shah also sanctioned the creation of a "Secret Police" to act as Raphistan’s primary active-duty law enforcement and intelligence agency to provide security to government officials and to enforce the rules of the property during community events. Membership in the Secret Police would be made up of volunteers pulled from among the ranks of the RSF.

On October 1, Shah Alexander declared the abolition of the office of Viceroy due to the seeming redundancy of the post. Still wanting to keep a "head of government", the Shah merged the former powers of the Viceroy with the powers of the head of defense into a new office he dubbed the office of the "Marshal". Wanting to keep his good friend and de facto founding father Tony the Great in power, Tony was subsequently appointed to become Raphistan's first Marshal.


Logo of the Secret Police

The Secret Police of Raphistan were created on September 30, 2021 per royal decree of the Shah. The police act as Raphistan’s primary active-duty law enforcement and intelligence agency and is officially tasked with providing security to government officials (especially the Shah and Marshal) through its "Royal Protection Detail" and to enforce the laws and decrees of the Shah over the property territory of Raphistan during community events or other times when their presence may be required. Membership in the Secret Police is made up of volunteers pulled from the ranks of the Raphistan Security Force. Besides security, the Police act as the nation's primary information gathering service with agents dispatched to gather inelegance that would concern the national wellbeing of Raphistan.

The policing activities of Raphistan constitute the vast majority of the nation's activities and as such the majority of funds allocated to the RSF go to the Secret Police.

Arguably the most important role of the Police is to act as protection details/guides for visitors and/or foreign deligates to the Raphistani territory. Due to hostile wildlife and the possibility for unexpected risks, at least one armed member of the Secret Police is required to accompany all individuals visiting the raphistani property in person.


Membership within the RSF is limited to individuals aged 16 and older for the regular defense force and 18 or older for the Secret Police. Defense Reservists participate in virtual classrooms and are required to individually train with their service weapons/gear. Some formal real-worl training is also conducted both in Raphistani territory and elsewhere at pre-approved locations.

Police members serve primarily digitally, helping to moniter and safeguard the nation's Discord server as well as other online assets. When a member of the government and/or visitors come to Raphistani territory, an armed member of the Secret Police is required to accompany the for safty.



The office of Marshal within the Desert Realm of Raphistan is a post which serves many functions. Officially acting as head of the armed forces and commander of government affairs, the Marshal acts most often as almost a sort of Prime Minister for Raphistan and often carries out several of the functions most often associated with such a post when not handeling military affairs.

Regardless, the Marshal is first and foremost, Supreme Commander of the Raphistan Security Force and second only to the Shah in prestige and internal power. Acting as primary advisor and aid to the monarch, the Marshal serves an important role in keeping in check the powers of the monarchy, and though required to act under the orders of the Shah and dismissible by him, for most of the time the Marshal is able to act under his own accord. In regards to internal politics, the Marshal has the ability to draft and propose bills of legislation directly to the Shah.

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