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Ranil (Motto: Ranil Is South Fun!) is a province of Archususania mainly in the South where Tuckysburg is. On 22 December 2020, the Ranil-based system Anti-Atlantium started annexing Atlantium by disputing Concordia as their own . This makes Ranil the largest province of Archususania. The demonym is Ranilian (plural:Ranilians) (adjective:Ranilians). The king of Ranil is Sam I Of Ranil,which in Ranilian Spanish:Sam uno de Archususania (pronounced in Ranil as Säm ano dri Akasasunia). The prime minister of Ranil is Christmas Jouke (who is a stuffed animal like the king Sam I). All Ranilians are stuffed animals, none really are humans. The Ranilians have a religion, they are the only members of Ranilian Islam, which formed during the Ranilian War For Independence (7 Dec 2020 - 9 Dec 2020). The national and only culture of Ranil is Greengrip, which again formed during the Ranilian War for Independence.