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Qootärlænt News Network, also known as QNN, is the network about the news in Qootärlænt. It is part of the Company Mecovoten, the only Qootärlæntish media company.


QNN started in December 2008. The first episode was with Prime Minister Sjeffol, Mister Toon de Z, and HIM Emperor Antonio I. Since then there were multiple broadcasts with the Prime Minister as anchorman and the Emperor as standard guest. Only in the Christmass edition 2009 Sjeffol wasn't able to be there.

The standard News Program is called Propagramda from program and propaganda.

Episodes of QNN

Trailer of Propagramda

Video about the declaration of Qootärlænt

QNN Propagramda December 2008

QNN January 2009

QNN June 2009

QNN Kids, cartoon translated in Qootärfloams

QNN Christmass 2009

QNN March 2010

QNN may 2010

QNN December 2010/January 2011

March 2011