Public holidays in Sonora

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Public holidays in Sonora are recognized days off for Sonoran citizens and government closures. Festivities are planned and/or funded by the Sonoran government's Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The current list of public holidays was approved on December 2, 2018.

Date(EI/CE) Name in English Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Celebrates the beginning of the year. Festivities include counting down to midnight on the preceding night.
January 8 Norton Day Observance of the birthday of the father of micronationalism, Joshua Norton.
January 15 MLK Day Celebration of the birthday and life of civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 17 Grandparent's Day Honoring of Sonoran grandparents.
February 14 Valentine's Day Celebration of love, romance, fertility, and general comradery of Sonoran citizens.
March 8 International Women's Day Celebration to honor women's liberation and the hard work of the women of Sonora.
March 11 Parent's Day Honoring of Sonoran parents.
March 17 Day of the Irish Spring Commemoration of the tradition St Patrick's Day celebration by honoring the Irish ancestry of Sonoran citizens and celebrating Irish culture.
March 31 Cesar Chavez Day A day to celebrate and commemorate the life of civil rights leader, Cesar Chavez, and to honor all Latino citizens.
April 28 Dorada Day Commemoration of the origins of Dorada.
May 1 International Worker's Day Commemoration and celebration to honor the working class citizens of Sonora and the world and to the value of the labor force.
May 9 Victory Day Commemoration of the defeat of fascist troops in the Great Patriotic War.
2nd Sunday in May Mother's Day Honoring of Sonoran mothers.
May 22 Harvey Milk Day Celebration of the birthday and life of the first openly gay politician elected to office, LGBT rights activist, and Bay Area resident, Harvey Milk. Festivities include drinking of milk and honoring gay Sonoran citizens.
June 1 Children's Day Celebration of the future of Sonora by honoring its young citizens. Events include a tribute to the Communist Youth League of Sonora.
June 14 California Day Celebration of the Bear Flag Revolt and California's Declaration of Independence from Mexico.
Third Sunday in June Medical Worker's Day/Father's Day Holiday to honor those in the Sonoran Health industry and Sonoran fathers.
September 7 Marxia Day Commemoration of the original founding of Marxia.
October 31-November 2 Days of Remembrance Celebration and honor of those who gave their lives for Sonora.
November 11 Armistice Day Commemoration of the end of the First World War and those who gave their lives.
Fourth Thursday of November Thanksgiving Commemoration of Thanksgiving, very much like the American custom.
December 6 Foundation Day Commemoration of the founding of the modern Sonoran state.
December 21–25 Yule Celebration of the holiday season and winter solstice.
December 31 New Year's Eve Celebration of the end of the year and the making of resolutions for the new year.