Prsänëan Language Institute

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Prsänëan Language Institute

Logo of the PLI
Motto:: Pher ejaproone cøncxhaxanarë
(English) For cultural promotion
Established July 16, 2012 (yet to be opened)
Type Language school
Students graduated 0
Minister of the Prsänëan LRB HRH James E Wilary
President HRH James E Wilary
General information
Location Georgetown, Prsänëa (Main services online)
Colors   Red
  International Orange
Mascot Hermes
To be established

The Prsänëan Language Institute (Prsänëan: Yjenivec Løgvëj Persänëtagarë) is the Prsänëan Language Regulation Board-run educational organization for use in the teaching and explanation of the Prsänëan language. Its duties are to communicate the aspects of the language where they may be in question, and to allow for those who wish to learn the language to do so. It was founded on 16 July 2012 by the Minister of the PLRB, HRH James E Wilary; however, it has yet to open its doors for use of its future facilities.


The Institute issues five ranks of certification in the Prsänëan language and general linguistics. Each certification will require previous completion in the prior ranks in order for admission to the higher level courses. A general certificate is granted for basic education in the Prsänëan Language, and two "undergraduate" degrees are offered in increasing degrees of fluency in Prsänëan. The two "graduate" degrees are then offered for those who have achieved general fluency in the usage of the Prsänëan language, and instead cover the linguistic and technical aspects of the language.

  • Graduate
    • Doctorate
    • Master's degree
  • Undergraduate
    • Bachelor's degree
    • Associate degree
  • Certificate