Project A.D.A.P.T.A.B.L.E

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The essence of SASA


To show the strength and ingenuity of the Scientopian peoples, SASA shall build a plane. This, As far as we are aware, will be the first time any micronation has done such a thing. It is a matter of national pride.



The Plane is currently without an offical nick-name. All ideas welcome. If your idea is used, you will receive £10, and a letter of thanks handwritten by Josh Lee, Head of SASA.


The hope for the plane is to have a salvaged motorbike engine power the craft. It will be air cooled to save space. The current aim is to salvage a Suzuki Hayabusa engine from the exeter salvage yard.

However the earlier models will use a small form of electric or petrol motor; although no designs have been finalised yet.


The essence of SASA

The chassis will be a simple design, made from mild steel tubing. Sketches have been made, but no scanner has been accessable at current, and so they shall be presented in early 2009. The skin will be a matt black, thin mild steel.

For the earlier models, Balsa Wood is planned on being the main building matterial.


Started Project. 28 December 2008

Due to popular demand, a video diary will be produced of the design, build and the maiden flight. 2 January 2009

The main design and building is now taking place, see below.

Work Session 5th April 2009

Mr Lee, chief of Sasa, works on project ADAPTABLE

Tsar Tierney and Mr Lee worked on project ADAPTABLE during the day of the 5th April. Included are some photos, and a video of our propeller working, which will be added as soon as it is up on youtube. More news will come later, after the prototype design has been de-classified.