Principality of Oceania

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Principality of Oceania
Official Principality of Oceania Flag 2019.png


Death of Rebirth
Lítla Dímun Island, Faeroe Islands.
Capital cityJocelyn
Largest citycapital
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Southern Baptist
Short nameOceania
Government Constitutional monarchy
- PrinceJohann
- Prime MinisterBojo May
- Upper HouseHouse of Commons
- Lower HouseCouncil of Lords
Area claimed203 acres
Population54 (April 2020)
CurrencyDanish Krone
Time zoneUTC+00:00 (Oceania Normal Time)
National sportBoating
National animalWhale
Member State of the Grand Micronation Alliance

Official website

The Principality of Oceania, also known as Oceania, is a micronation founded on February 2, 2019. Located in the Faroe Islands, its current leader is Johann I.



The government of Oceania is a constitutional monarchy, consisting of the Emperor, Prime Minister, First Minister, and Parliament. It also consists of the Town Council and Mayor of Jocelyn.