Principality of Michalessia

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Principality of Michalessia
Πριγκιπάτο της Μιχαλεσσίας

Flag of Michalessian Empire2.jpeg
Imperial Seal of Michalessian Empire.png
Coat of arms

"A man's room is his principality"
March to the prince
Official language(s)Greek, English
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- PrinceMichalis Markantonis (founder)
Established28 december 2017
Disestablished11 April 2018
Area claimed20 m²
Time zone+2 EET

Michalessia, officially: Principality of Michalessia, was a claimed micronation in Greece, founded by Michalis M. (28 december 2017) and was headquartering at his bedroom in his home located in the western suburbs of Athens.The Principality of Michalessia had claimed itself a nation but it was never recognized as a country by Greece or the United Nations.


The name "Michalessia" is derived from the first name of the prince and founder of the country Michalis M. The name was officialy adoptet on 28 december 2017, same day as Michalessian declaration of independence and establishment.


On 28 december 2017 Michalis created Principality of Michalessia.

On 28 december 2017 Michalessia declared independence.

On 28 december 2017 Michalis became prince of Michalessia.

On 30 december 2017 Michalessia had it's very first recognation from the Kingdom of Imvrassia.

On 11 April 2018 Michalessia was disestablished.

Other micronations who recognized Michalessia as sovereign state

Kingdom of Imvrassia (Date of recognition: 30 decmber 2017).