Principality of Eggweg

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The Principality of Eggweg
Flag of Eggweg.png FlagSpalun.png

An ovum est Weg
Largest cityWegland (By population) Omwn (By size)
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Prince RegentAustin Jaax
- PresidentHaiden Borkson
- PriminsterEmerson Heffly
Established19 April 2018
Disestablished1 May 2018
Population8 (2018)
CurrencyEggwegian Dollar, Iustian Dollar
National drinkNestea
National animalCat

Official Website

The Principality of Eggweg is a self declared micronation located in Kingston,Canada. It was founded by Haiden Borkson and Emerosn Heffly, both of whom have worked on The Iustus State and Megen Films.


The Principality of Eggweg was founded on the 19th of April 2018, It was founded by Haiden Borkson, Emerson Heffly, and Megen Films, The Principality consists of land that used to be owned by Canada and Iustus, while the founded were trying to figure out how to make there country Austin Jaax who is also The President of Iustus decided to help out with there planning and there Constitution taking the (titular) title as Prince of Eggweg. On 27 March 2018 President Haiden Borkson announced that Eggweg will be disbanded on 1 May 2018.


The government of Eggweg is a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliament that is divided into 4 branches, the 1st branch is the monarch which is filled by The Prince of Eggweg, the 2nd branch is The Executive branch which is filled by The President and The Priminster, the 3rd branch is The House of Lords which is filled by the notability and Judges, and the 4th branch is The House of Commons which is made up of Mps, and Governors.

Micronations that recognize Eggweg

Administrative Regions

Name Flag Coat of Arms Map Position Lord Title
Jaaxtown NickelP flag.png Jani Kopolo Duke of Jaaxtown
Borkland CurtisP flag.png Haiden Borkson Barron of Borkson
Omwnland IustusDealvi.png Owen Cole Count of Omwn
Wegegg IustusP flag.png Megan Films Viscountess of Wegland
Lobdale OrtyadFlag.png Sierra Babado Duchess of Lobdale