Haiden Borkson

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Haiden Borkson
President of Eggweg
Provisional office:
19 April 2018
Predecessor none (Declared into Presidency)
Successor none
Barron of Borkson
Declared office:
21 April 2018
Predecessor none (Declared into Lordship)
Successor none
Rep in People's Assembly Iustus
Voted in office:
14 April 2018
Predecessor none (Elected into Assembly)
Successor none
Secretary of State Iustus
Appointed office:
9 March 2018
Predecessor none (Appointed into Cabinet)
Personal information
Born June 2004
Birth name Haiden Carl
Citizenship Canada, Iustus flag.png Empire of Iustus Flag of Eggweg.png Principality of Eggweg
Nationality Eggwegian
Political party Progressive-Conservative
Residence Carslon City, Iustus

Haiden Borkson is a Canadian born micronationalist that is greatly involved in the Empire of Iustus, Haiden also co-founded the Principality of Eggweg.