Principality of Beauluna

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Principality of Beauluna
Flag of Principality of Beauluna
Coat of arms of Principality of Beauluna
Coat of arms
Official languagesDutch
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Prince
Prince Michel I of Beauluna
EstablishmentMay 8, 2000

The Principality of Beauluna is a Dutch micronation located on the moon. It was founded on May 8, 2000 in protest against the nobility in the Netherlands. In a quest to grant titles of nobility to the common people, Prince Michel founded a micronation.


The Moon Treaty

In 1967 the United Nations signed the socalled total pact in which was declared that not any government was allowed to own alien land. But no one talked about companies, individuals or juridical forms. However they soon discovered that they had made this mistake and decided to repair this one by the socalled "Moon Treaty" of 1984. This "Moon Treaty" of 1984 strongly forbids the exploitation of the moon and other planets out of profit goals as well as the property of them by all firms and individuals. However... from all 185 member states only 6 of them have provoted, and so this proposal was rejected.

Today this is still the situation. Conform the earthly laws everybody how first claims a piece of ground and have this confirmed notarially, may call himself owner of this part of land. In 1980 this was done by Lunar Ambassy, who from that moment on has become the legal owner of the moon. In this same year sir Dennis Hope contacted the ground registration office in San Francisco and made a request for owning the total surface of the moon. After studying the papers the office discovered that everything had been proceed legally and that everyone had been played by the rules so the ownership was allowed.

The start of a micronation

In May 2000 Lunar Ambassy has sold a piece of the moon, after which it has become property of the company Noblesse, which on 8 May 2000 has called this the independent state Principality Beauluna. Beau stands for "beautiful" and Luna for "moon". The land has a size of more than 177 acre and is located in the Area D_8, quadrant Bravo, degree of latitude 36_40 North, degree of longitude 4_8 East, and it is registered at the Lunar Ambassy which is located in Rio Vista, California, America.

The declaration of independence

The declaration of independence was signed 8 May 2000 and stated that everybody who is willing to help building up this new state, wether in actions, goods or thoughts, is with permission of the prince of Beauluna able to become a member of the new heraldic order.

The prince of Beauluna

The new owner of this piece of ground, the company Noblesse, named its founder Michel as Prince of Beauluna and Grandmaster in the order of Beauluna. There has been choosen for the title of prince instead of king because it of course isn't really possible to live in the area. Outside Beauluna the Prince has many noble and heraldic titles, he’s also the first ‘Honorary Citizen’ of Flandrensis and has been awarded with the titles Baron of Flandrensis and later as the Count of Maher.

Noble titles

As the Grandmaster in the order of Beauluna the prince can give nobiliary titles to everybody who contributes to the monarchy of Beauluna. This contribution can exist of actions, words or finances. Beauluna sells (legal under Dutch law!) noble titles and with the money the support charities.