Principality of Avetia

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Principality of Avetia
Flag of Avetia.png

Ante omnia autem, Avetia (Latin: Above all, Avetia)
Moment Musicaux No5
SouthCarolina co lines.jpg
South Carolina, United States
Capital cityPrince's Estate (City of Charleston, de-jure)
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)Officially Secular (Includes Roman Pagans, Catholics, Atheists)
Short nameAvetia
GovernmentFeudal Monarchy
Established7 October 2015
Area claimed1700 sq ft
Time zoneEST
National animalCarolina Wren


The Principality of Avetia, otherwise known as Avetia, is a new micronation. It is a semi-autonomous territory of the American-Byzantine Empire.


A chart laying out the powers of the various positions.

The Government of Avetia is feudal and rather decentralized. The lowest rung in the ladder of nobility is the Ahurion, a small time adviser and vassal, though not always landed, of a Magistrate. They have a duty to advise their Magistrates, serve them when called upon, and to manage their Magistrate's lands when needed.

This of course means a Magistrate is the second rung. They are the regular members of nobility, and their de-jure land is whatever comprises their Avetian Estate. An estate can be sprawling fields or a small shack, though those above can obviously grant them more to their Estate.

They can report directly to the Council, or 3 or more of them can create a Circle. A Circle, while not required, is a great way to enhance a noble's power. The elected leader of a Circle becomes a member of the Council. Therefore, it is in every noble's interest to join a Circle.

Finally, there is the Council and Elector-Magistrates. The Council is a collection of Circle leaders, who answer only to the Prince. They ratify the Prince's choice for Elector-Magistrates. Elector-Magistrates are the 6 nobility members who elect the Prince. It is a hereditary position, but should the line give up the title, have it revoked due to treason, or die out, the Prince and the Council choose a new member and dynasty.


The Avetian military (Refereed to as the Landsknecht collectively, in line with its Holy Roman Empire modelling) is currently being organized. It is, however, subservient to the American-Byzantine military.

Foreign Relations

Avetia is free to make its own Foreign Relations with other micronations, as long as it does not over-ride American-Byzantine relations. For example, if Examplestan is hostile to A-Byz, Avetian cannot form alliances or similar treaties with them.

Order of the Eagle

The Order of the Eagle is the elite knightly order of Avetia. Membership is highly restricted, and they are renowned in Avetia. Members are give the title "Avetian Eagle" to their list, and given an Estate under most circumstances.

  Members List
   -Emperor Lacomus I.