First Minister of the Commonwealth of Pazistan

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First Minister of the
Commonwealth of Pazistan
Seal of the Prime Minister
Cai Parry

since 20 November 2018
StyleThe Right Honourable (Pazistan & Aspen)
His Excellency (Diplomatic)
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderThe Hon. Cai Parry MP
Formation20 November 2018

The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Pazistan (informally abbreviated to PM) is the head of government of Pazistan. The Prime Minister directs both the executive and the legislature, and together with their Cabinet (consisting of all the most senior ministers, most of whom are government department heads) are collectively accountable for their policies and actions to the Monarch, to the Assembly, to their political party and ultimately to the electorate. The office of Prime Minister is one of the Great Offices of State. The current holder of the office, Cai Parry, leader of the Democratic Socialist Party was appointed by the Assembly 20 November 2018.