Prime Minister of Brunsnia

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Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Brunsnia
Sir Arturo Lara

since 01 February 2021
Inaugural holderSir Aaron Green KCRO
Formation02 April 2020

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Brunsnia is the head of that nation's government and leader of the Cabinet. Prime Ministers are responsible for appointing government ministers. The Prime Minister must be above the age of 16 and must not be the Monarch. They are appointed by the Monarch.

The Prime Minister is responsible for appointing the Ministers of each of the Government's Ministries, who collectively with the Prime Minister form the Cabinet. The Prime Minister can choose to either chair Cabinet meetings themselves or permit their Cabinet Secretary (the highest-ranking civil servant at the Cabinet Office) to do it for them.

List of Prime Ministers

As Kingdom of Roanoke

Sir Aaron M. Green KCRO (02 APR 2020-14 AUG 2020)

Hon. Daniel R. Welles (14 AUG 2020-06 JAN 2021)

Grand Prince Christoph (06 JAN 2021-31 January 2021)

As the Kingdom of Brunsnia

Sir Arturo E. Lara (01 February 2021-present)